This is a list of our completed
Projects & Films.

With a passion for crafting compelling narratives and bringing them to life on screen. 

Not In My Neighbourhood.

Gentrification has been constantly, falsely, perpetuated as a process of affirmative social renovation. However, despite these forced agendas, the controversy of displacement, conflict, and loss of affordable housing has led to one communal response: resistance.

What The Soil Remembers.

A community uprooted during the Apartheid regime, making way for an Educational institution that would become synonymous with the foundations of white supremacist ideologies. The film follows a group of elders who light up the screen with their approach to the problem.

We Rise for our Land.

”We Rise For Our Land” explores the complexities and contentions of land struggles in 3 countries in Southern Africa- Eswatini ( formerly known as Swaziland), Mozambique, and Zambia. The protagonists of our film are rural women who both work the land and mobilize for legislation to put themselves at the center of decision-making around land use.

Beauty for Ashes.

Located in the harsh desert terrain of Kleinzee in the Northern Cape of South Africa. Beauty for Ashes delves into the abandoned diamond mines of multinational conglomerates De Beers and Anglo America, now occupied by the local people within this forgotten town.

The Prodigal Son.

The Prodigal Son retraces the lost history of the Orderson family. The filmmaker’s great grandfather, Joseph Orderson was of the generation of newly emancipated slaves, who with fellow Afro Caribbean comrades left Barbados to settle all over the world, including Cape Town, South Africa.


Redefined : volume 1 is a visual poetry collaboration that engages the reflections of poets to questions.

Breathe Again.

“on 27 February 1986, Derrick Orderson, a marginalized Black swimmer from the Cape Flats, swam a time of 25.81 seconds in the 50m Freestyle, 2 seconds under the world record at the time, yet he was prevented from representing his country on the world stage."


Amidst the quest and debate regarding land ownership across the African continent, collectives are taking resourceful action and claiming ancestral space through ecological initiatives such as creating food forests, community gardens, and permaculture interventions to provide food security and nutritional intervention.
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